Lazy Girl Makes - Thrifted Crystal Pretties


Handmade Jewellery & things. 
Each piece is handmade using thrifted or found unique pieces, high quality crystals and hemp or cotton cord. Each piece is one of a kind just like you.

$5 of each sale will go towards the fight against plastic pollution via a donation to Take 3 for the Sea, Sea Shepherd or a local clean up activity.

Pearl Choker - real pearl pendant. Isn’t she a beauty. Found this on a broken chain so popped it on a red velvet choker. How fancy!

Rose Quartz Donut pendant - new crystal donut strung up with thrifted ceramic & wooden beads on Waxed cotton. This length is adjustable. Rose Quartz is the universal stone of love! It encourages an open heart and promotes self love and friendships.

Peace Man Choker - Silver peace sign charm on luxe blue velvet. A festival must have!

Green Aventurine - New donut pendant strung with hemp cord and thrifted wooden beads. Green aventurine is an all round healing stone. Used to release negative energy and balance the heart.