Little tips and tricks to live a greener life even if you are a Lazy Girl.


  • Vote with your dollars i.e  avoid the big supermarkets, frequent markets and your local butcher/baker candlestick maker etc. Shopping with some intent:
  •  Buying local and seasonally.
  •  Buying the tomato paste in the glass jar, 
  • Avoiding ridiculous convenience foods with a ton of single use plastic attached, 
  • Buying the pasta in the cardboard box not the plastic. 
  • Buying organic products, palm oil free products, ethical and additive free products. 
  • Those biggies are monitoring what you buy big time especially if you use a reward card so, tell them what you want by your repeatedLazy Girl Greens Guide to Shopping.
  • This also extends to personal care, cleaning and clothing products but that's a whole other story #staytuned 

Say #nothanks to plastic bags and bring your own.  Don't forget you have arms/hands for carrying things. If I see you with one item in a plastic bag I will lose my bananas! 

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